My Humble Home

Welcome! Croeso!

While my ability to entertain and inform is limited, I do hope that you can find some enjoyment in reading my blogs on a range of topics such as video games, travelling, books, life in Japan, and more!

What have I written about this time?

This is my own personal site where I am write about random things that pop into my head that may include (but is not limited to): life events, video games, film, novels, writing, Japan, travel and lots more!

I’d like to work on some audio content in the future, but that is still yet to get off the ground.

Click here to read my latest blog posts. Be aware, it’s completely random!

This is still under construction and not yet ready for the public, but feel free to have a look anyway as things progress.

Where I post my random short stories and writing I’ve done for practice. Please feel free to have a look, read, enjoy (if you can) and leave any comments or feedback. Anything really!

Here is a small piece where I get to splurge a little about myself. If you’re interested, have a look!

Have a vague interest in what I may write in the future? Then pop your e-mail in here and you’ll soon find out (I think!)