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Sunday morning. What to do?


My Sundays have changed much of late. As I attempt and moderately succeed to drink less, my mornings in general have become much fresher (and longer) than they were previously and that is something I appreciate greatly and look at only in a positive light. Why, even though I am restricting my drinking to weekends now, I only had two bottles of beer last night and that seems to have done me fine. No grogginess and no issues with waking up in the early hours of the morning to feed Charlie and Winston.

With those extra hours in the day, now all I have to do is find things to fill up all that time I have! And while there is no lockdown here in Japan, myself and many others are trying more to stay inside, limiting outings to supermarkets and walks in the park. This means I’m picking up more hobbies and things to do inside the flat (I’ll write something about that, no doubt!)

A week ago, I went to Costco with an old uni mate and his wife, and while I was there, I purchased myself a yoga mat for approximately 2,000 yen (£17 odd). Yes, it was a bit of an impulse purchase I’ll admit, as many are in Costco, but I had intended on getting one for a while as the exercise mat I had until then was paper thin; any attempt at exercise resulted in rather sore knees. No longer!

Said mat in its basic and evolved form.

Today was the day to finally give it a go. But where to start?

My girlfriend follows a Japanese YouTube channel called B-Life, which focuses mainly on yoga. Racking up over a million subscribers and probably ten times that in views, she’s certainly popular and undoubtedly loaded. Anyway, she does live yoga streams every week or so, and we just so happened to catch her live lesson for today. Well, I bought the yoga mat, so I suppose that’s a good place to start!

I can’t say this is the first time I’ve ever done yoga, but it was definitely the first time that I’d completed a session from start to finish. I think the most experience I’ve had with yoga would be the Wii Fit Trainer on Super Smash Bros. and he/she’s not even my main (that would be Ness or Luigi in case you’re wondering).


Whenever I think of yoga, the first thing that comes to my mind is an old Yellow Pages TV commercial from the early 2000’s with James Nesbitt and a slightly overweight man who people used to say looked like one of the boys in secondary school, for which he was occasionally bullied. Kids can be cruel, as they say. But now whenever anyone tells me they do or are starting yoga, my instant reaction is ‘yoga?’ in that guy’s voice. I think it’s a bit too much of an in-joke for anyone to understand, but I still get a little chuckle out of it. It’s weird how those kinds of things stick in one’s mind. I have since got more into the habit of saying it in my head, but the chuckle still remains.

Folding down our dining table and moving over the coffee table a little bit, our living/dining area is transformed into a yoga studio.

The mat worked great and I was able to comfortably get through the whole thing with zero knee complications. The session itself was not that long and it was the perfect level for me. I’m not totally unfit or anything, but I do lack of bit of body strength that I hope to build on this year. This is a great place to start and I think I’m going to try and do it at least every Sunday morning if not more during the week. Not even that long ago the idea of spending a mere 30-40 minutes on focusing on my fitness seemed absurd. Now I think the complete opposite. Why wouldn’t I want to just spend a bit of time in the day to clear my head and do a bit of exercise? It’s such a small portion of the day doing something that benefits you physically, which I’m thinking more and more is a great way to start the day. With one of my resolutions for this year being to try and be more relaxed and calm, this is but one step towards that goal.

We’ll have to work out the logistics a little more next time as to avoid those awkward crotch-in-face moments, but that shouldn’t be difficult! The cats also make it that little bit harder to concentrate and relax as they jump at the opportunity to snuggle up on the mat when we’re lying down, so maybe we’ll move them to other room.

Winston has already claimed my girlfriend’s mat now for himself. Perhaps he’ll partake next time.

I’m doing yoga, all right?

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