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New Year’s Resolutions 2022 

I wrote my new year’s resolutions up last year just to give me something to write about when I was starting up this site with no idea whether I would continue to upload or abandon it completely. I’m happy to say that one year on I have decided to renew my subscription with WordPress and will have it for at least one more year and fully intend to keep on writing as long as people keep reading and I have the willpower to do so.  

Having now reviewed my resolutions for 2021 and realising how silly a lot of them were, I plan to write down my 2022 resolutions with this in mind and hopefully with more clarity and focus. Although I feel I was a little lazy with how I worded my resolutions last year, I still ultimately feel that it was good for me to write them down; it was a reminder throughout the year when I went back and read it (which I did very rarely); it allowed others to see what my intentions were for the year and added a level of accountability that otherwise would not have existed; it gives me the opportunity to properly reflect on the year, which I don’t think I have ever really bothered to do before and I would recommend anyone to try and do the same!  

My intention this time round is to be much more specific and clearer and to add some form of measurement where possible that I can aim towards, track, and again reflect on come the end of 2022.  

I’ve read a few articles on new year’s resolutions: why we make them, why we break them, and why they add an unnecessary level of stress to a lot of people who will inevitably fail to fulfil them. New year’s resolutions are probably pointless in many ways. Why people choose the start of the year to make themselves false promises is certainly odd, but I do feel that there is a strong symbolism in choosing this time to make them. ‘New year, new me’ is a painful mantra that floods the Internet each solar cycle and although I’d rather scoop out my eyes with a rusty whisk than utter such words from my mouth, I do understand the sentiment.  

Enough of that rabble and time for a little bit more as I list out my new year resolutions for 2022.  

  1. Drink No More Than Twice a Month 

It’s no surprise that I would start off with alcohol. Those who have read my other posts will know that it is a common topic in many and also featured in my 2021 new year’s resolutions, when I just wanted to ‘drink less’. This year I want to try harder, but also want to give myself a little bit of slack. As at this time in my life I cannot imagine myself without alcohol at all, I cannot and don’t want to stop completely. It isn’t realistic and I just like alcohol, but more I realise that putting a cap on it is the correct path to take. I will make a conscious effort to schedule my drinking nights in advance, which I feel will prevent me from randomly going out, which is where most of my alcohol spending goes. If I could halve my monthly spending on alcohol to around 8,000 yen, I’d be very happy indeed.  

  1. Start A Master’s Degree 

This one is a big one and although my intention was to be as realistic as possible in my goals for next year, this is probably the least realistic of the lot. This year I decided that I wanted to quit my current job and get back into education, but not in assistant language teaching. My plan is to go for university teaching and in order to do that, I have to have a master’s degree. That’s fair enough, but I also need experience so…  

  1. Get A New Job 

We’re only on number 3 and next year is looking very busy indeed. This one is both easy and difficult for different reasons. Easy because I don’t really need much to get a new job, but difficult because right now I am a bit picky in the role I want. After having received some very sage advice from a few university teachers, it looks like getting a job in teaching in either a high school or university is the best experience one can have if one wants to work in a university in Japan. In order to do this, I will have to take a bit of a dive in my salary… but I feel that it’s all for a better cause and it won’t last forever. Well, if it’s going to be like that, then… 

  1. Save Money. Loads of It.  

This one should be an easy one. Just spend less, right? I would hardly call myself a spendthrift but I realise that I can be fairly prodigal from time to time, particularly with Uber Eats and alcohol once I get going. Thankfully I have noticed that I am becoming more aware of this fact and aim to curb my spending as much as I can by filling my time with more productive ‘distractions’ such as…  

It was a different time.
  1. Draft a Chapter and Write a Blog Post a Month 

This year I started writing a book mainly as a way to just practise and get into the habit of writing more often. I’ve always liked the idea of writing and have for a while thought to write a book, but of course never tried. After a few false starts, I got two chapters in this year and then suddenly made a hard stop. Next year I really want to get my arse into gear and start taking it a bit more seriously. This is also true for blog writing, as although I started the year off quite well, there were a few blips down the line where I just didn’t write. I think that was in part due to the fact that I just didn’t really do much and therefore felt I had little to write about. I will try to change that this year.   

  1. Pass JLPT N1 

I’ve tried this twice in the past five or so years and failed both times. Knowing that I really need to knuckle down and study for not only this test but also to improve my Japanese in general, this will be a high priority of mine this year. There are two chances to take the test and whether I will attempt both, I am still uncertain. At the very least I will take the second one in December, so that gives me 11 months to study! 

  1. Swim Three Times a Week 

Exercise is important to get the brain going as well. Swimming was a real saviour for me after I broke my hip. As my leg began to recover and gain strength, swimming seemed like the obvious choice to get some exercise as the amount of pressure on my leg was less than running (which I tried) and training machines like the ones I used during physiotherapy. It turned out that I enjoyed swimming a lot and it’s undeniably a great form of exercise that helps me gain strength all over. I got into a fairly good routine but have slipped out of that in the past month or so. I’ll blame Christmas and lots of business-related events on that and overall just trying to fit way too much in every day. By this time next year, maybe I’ll be more dedicated to the exercise and will prioritise it over this. Who knows! I may change this up a little bit and mix it in with some training machines as well, as I’d also like to… 

  1. Gain Around 2.5 Stone 

Yes, I did write gain. And yes, I did write stone. I have got used to weighing myself in the metric system now, but I’ll take any chance I can get to go back to good ol’ imperial when I can. But I suppose if I must, I am aiming for around 15kg. That might seem like a lot, and it is I suppose, but I think it’s a realistic goal. In order to get it, I will have to think about what and how often I eat coupled with the amount of and also the kind of exercise I do. I am not aiming to become some massive bodybuilder, but I think those of you who know me would probably agree that a little bit of meat wouldn’t do any harm!  

  1. Create A New Digital Me 

One night when I got back home from dinner and drinks with a friend, in a slightly drunken stupor I randomly started looking through old Facebook messages on my phone. To be blunt, some of the really old ones were simply embarrassing and actually a little shocking in some cases. It was like I was reading messages from a different person. How lucky our parents are to have very little of their embarrassing younger years recorded and accessible at any moment with the exception of the odd photo here and there or maybe a diary or two. With that in mind, I decided it was best for me to start anew and clean the slate by hitting that reset button and starting again without all this digital baggage that really brings me down. In a previous post I did write about attempting to disconnect form digital distractions and social media, and this is part of that. As I focus my attention on other things, my involvement with SNS should naturally dwindle. My old Facebook profile will soon be gone and in its place a brand-new and much lighter one will emerge. There are a lot ‘memories’ in that profile, but I feel the bad outweighs the good in my mind, so it just has to go.  

  1. Change My Habits 

I couldn’t think of a tenth resolution and it probably would have ended there but as luck would have it, halfway through writing this, I was lent a book titled Atomic Habits by James Clear, which is about creating new habits and ridding yourself of old ones. I think this book couldn’t have come at a better time. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but what I’ve read so far was so close to what I’ve been thinking these past months that I can see it being instrumental in helping me establish some new habits that I think will help me in achieving not only a lot of these resolutions, but finding the time to continue some of the habits I’ve picked up this year that I decided not to include as resolutions for 2022.  

What I found particularly interesting was how quickly I was able to imagine how a lot of these resolutions can be combined in some way, whereby some can act as a reward for achieving another. For example, going out for a drink with my friends can only be achieved if I successfully draft a chapter within that month or something along those lines. Some of the tips in this book are actually very close to some of the things I had already attempted to do, so I think we’ll get on very well indeed. The big difference between this one and the previous nine is that it does sound vague, which is something I precisely wanted to avoid and I think why this one reads like it was just tacked on at the end. (It was.) But with this book as my guide, I’ll be going into 2022 with a lot of high hopes for change.  

Right. Well, that’s everything for now, I think. Am I forgetting something? Probably. It might seem like a lot, but the important thing for me is that I think they are achievable. I’ve always been so disorganised and not forward-looking enough to know that if things are planned out and made habitual wherever possible, it can be done with smaller efforts over time, not tamping it all into every day and feeling burnt out, stressed and anxious. Little by little is the way to go. 

I’d be very interested to read other people’s goals and resolutions for next year so feel free to e-mail me or simply leave a comment below and I’ll definitely reply.  

Happy New Year, everyone. I’ll see you on the other side.  


  1. Very ambitious list, but I’m sure you can hit all of these goals! (Except maybe don’t be too hard on yourself about the weight thing? It’s hard to predict how our bodies will react to different exercise and eating patterns.)

    I’m still thinking about my goals, but I would like to work on my Japanese as well, specifically Keigo and kanji. With another little joining our family in a few weeks though I wonder if maybe I should be a little more focused on goals that help me manage stress, not add to it, haha.


    • I think it definitely is ambitious but not totally unreachable. I won’t stress myself out too much if I can’t achieve all of them completely. I’ve always had a bit of trouble gaining weight, but I’ve some hope there. My family generally are quite thin, which I think I get from my mother lol. I didn’t know there was another one on the way :O You’ve been busy!


      • Yeah! I guess you’ve been doing really well at limiting your social media use, haha. L is going to have a little sister soon. She’s due on Feb 14, but I’ve been having early contractions so I’m not sure she likes her current home as much as her brother did, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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