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Fumbling with Fiction

Hi everyone!

A very short post this time to let you know that, totally against what I was expecting this year, I have decided to open up my ‘Wrandom Writing – Fiction’ page, which I have now decided to call Fumbling with Fiction.

It’s been locked away under the stairs (I don’t even have stairs) for the past year or so and heavily ignored, but I got a little bit of inspiration this morning as I sat in my massage chair, sipping on a morning coffee reading David Morley’s ‘The Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing’. Life is a struggle but I have to fill the time somehow, right?

David Morley’s The Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing. Image from Book Depository

The book contains a lot of ‘writing games’, which until today, I had largely ignored. However, the one I saw this morning struck a chord with me and got me thinking that it would be a great little repeat exercise to practise writing, using news stories as the main source. The settings, characters, and plot are pretty much set, so all I have to do is write! I’ll change names and stuff just to be safe, but you know… I doubt I’ll be taken to court.

Anyway, like I said this is a short one, so to finish please allow me to introduce you to the first of hopefully many Fumbling with Fiction short stories yet to come.

Fumbling with Fiction (click on the orange button on the first entry to get to the story page)

Thank you and enjoy.

PS. Here’s a video that also helped with the inspiration.

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