Hello there.

This is the page where I am being told that I should introduce myself, so I suppose that is what I should do.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jeremy. I’m originally from High Wycombe, Bucks, in the UK but have been living in Japan since 2012 and am currently working with a relocation company, helping people move to various parts of Japan, which in turn has given me the opportunity to see a lot of this wonderful nation.

I am one of the admins on the British expats in Japan Facebook page and a keen advocate for promoting Britain in all its glory here in Japan whenever possible.

I live in Nagoya with my girlfriend and two little cats, Charlie (left) and Winston (right), who are both lovely and will surely make more appearances in the future!

My main interests are in reading, video games and more recently writing (which I am very much in initial stages of, i.e. I’m a bit rubbish at it to be honest but the passion is there, I think!), which is one of the reasons why I began this blog. If in the future I could turn writing into a job, then I think I may finally have found my place!

This blog page will likely be extremely random with no real focus for now until I think I really find my grounding and are able to rein it in on a single topic. That doesn’t mean that I will be blogging about every single little thing that happens in my life (I certainly don’t have time for that!) but we’ll see how that goes. It may not be interesting to many, but if you are interested in what goes on for a Brit in Japan, then you’re in the right place!

Basically I will write about whatever I want, but hopefully in a way that anyone can just enjoy the few minutes it would take to read it.