Tolkien Reading Day

March 25th marks the annual Tolkien Reading Day, which is criminally not a bank holiday in the UK (it is, however, noted on the official Tolkien calendar at least!). It […]

Galadriel, Warrior Princess

I’m back to The Lord of the Rings again. I’ve already unloaded most of my frustration and concern over Jeff Bezo’s new pet project, but after having let things cool […]

Tired of the Rings

A Tale by Jeremy Grigson. Warning: Opinions ahead. I made a bit of a mistake these past few days. While I have steered clear of the shitstorm that is Twitter […]

Fumbling with Fiction

Hi everyone! A very short post this time to let you know that, totally against what I was expecting this year, I have decided to open up my ‘Wrandom Writing […]

You Can Take the Man Out of Britain…

Japan and the UK share many things. They’re both islands hovering around the outskirts of their respective continents. They both have colonial pasts. (One recognised very well and often brought […]

Money for Emotions

Nostalgia is great, isn’t it? The odd moment when your mind rests for a few seconds and a random memory comes to mind that makes you smile and may even […]

New Year’s Resolutions 2022 

I wrote my new year’s resolutions up last year just to give me something to write about when I was starting up this site with no idea whether I would […]