English Menu?  

Having lived in Japan for 9 years, one would be forgiven in believing that I must be a native Japanese-speaker by now, surely. (I can’t count the number of times people ask […]

To Be Blissfully Disconnected

If you are reading this on your phone or any other device late at night as you lie in bed, stop right now. Put it down and come back another […]

Tiring Fandoms and Social Media

When the editor of one of the world’s premier ornithological journals deemed it of sufficient interest to publish a paper in which the author recorded the number of times a […]

Did You Eat Yet?

Language is a very important part of any culture, whether on an international level or simply with the minutiae of dialect differences between one village and the next. It is […]

Returning to the World of the MMORPG

Some of you may be wondering what an MMORPG is, so I’ll start by getting that out of the way first. MMORPG stands for ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game’, which […]