A Happy (Japanese) Christmas

IT’S CHRISTMAS! I thought as I woke on December 1st. Like many others, I’m quite particular with when people should start celebrating things. For me personally I’ll start playing Christmas […]

Weekend Away in Fukushima

In March 2011, Japan experienced one of the worst earthquakes in its long history. Called the Tohoku (north-east) earthquake, it created a tsunami like nothing I had ever seen before that tore […]

Bye-Bye Balls: Part Two

For those of you who read my last blog, you may remember that the week before last, we took little Charlie and Winston for their blood tests (it turns out […]

Bye-Bye Balls: Part One

I’ve lived in Nagoya now for approximately five years, but today I realized that there are many parts of Nagoya that I have yet to explore. I’ve probably spent most […]

A Day Trip to Magome

Oct 18th, 2020. The Japanese government has in the past few months initiated a “Go To Travel” campaign, whereby they offer various discounts on domestic travel around Japan to help […]

A Bit of Britain in Nagoya.

Japan yet again spitting in the face of COVID-19, will not allow it to prevent them from holding their annual British exhibition at the Nagoya station Takashimaya. While I am […]

It’s Like An Oven In Here!

Summer is hot in Japan. Really bloody hot. The British are apparently infamous for complaining about the heat when it is barely over 20 degrees centigrade, but when I say […]

Here We Go

This is a little daunting, isn’t it? If you had seen this page just a few second ago, it would have been completely blank barring one word: title. Some people […]