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Category: Home Life

You Can Take the Man Out of Britain…

Japan and the UK share many things. They’re both islands hovering around the outskirts of their respective continents. They both have colonial pasts. (One recognised very well and often brought […]

Money for Emotions

Nostalgia is great, isn’t it? The odd moment when your mind rests for a few seconds and a random memory comes to mind that makes you smile and may even […]

New Year’s Resolutions 2022 

I wrote my new year’s resolutions up last year just to give me something to write about when I was starting up this site with no idea whether I would […]

2021 – A Review (It Was Pretty Bad)

People say that 2020 was an awful year and I understand why. COVID hit, lots of people were laid off, told to stay at home, and governments were being generous with their […]

To Be Blissfully Disconnected

If you are reading this on your phone or any other device late at night as you lie in bed, stop right now. Put it down and come back another […]

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

I’ve always thought it best to avoid certain topics in either conversation or in writing. Mainly those that I don’t really have a lot of knowledge on or upon which […]

Always Believe in Gold! …en Week

Thank you for coming. It’s only two years ago that I experienced my last ‘normal’ Golden Week (GW), and it looks like this year is no exception due to various […]

I’m Not Pissed, You Know?

Every time I would go to the toilet (sorry I keep mentioning my lavatorial habits in these blogs) at a certain foreign bar/restaurant here in Nagoya, there was a sign […]