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A Couple of Updates

Things have been a bit quiet recently in terms of my blog posts, but I have a few in the pipeline that I am currently working on, which I hope will be […]

Killing Time In The Rehab Centre

It has been just over a week since my accident with that damned pedestrian who decided it was more important to look at his phone than consider the safety of […]

Cycling Me Up The Wall!

Cycling is easily my favourite mode of transport. It’s clean, it’s healthy, it’s convenient and it’s also free! Well, apart from the actual purchase of the bike itself and maintenance […]

Welsh – A Language of Britain

Su’mae! Bore da! Prynhawn da! Nos da! Sut dych chi? Jeremy dw i. Dw i’n hoffi te. That’s about the extent of my Welsh right now, but it’s early days. […]

New Year, New New Year Resolutions

It is yet again that time of the year when the Earth has completed its annual cycle of the sun, returning to its original position from when the cycle began, […]

A Happy Christmas in Nagano

To those of you who may be familiar, Nagano is quite a famous location amongst skiers and snowboarders alike. I, however, am not one of those people. Having only tried […]

A Happy (Japanese) Christmas

IT’S CHRISTMAS! I thought as I woke on December 1st. Like many others, I’m quite particular with when people should start celebrating things. For me personally I’ll start playing Christmas […]

Weekend Away in Fukushima

In March 2011, Japan experienced one of the worst earthquakes in its long history. Called the Tohoku (north-east) earthquake, it created a tsunami like nothing I had ever seen before that tore […]

Bye-Bye Balls: Part Two

For those of you who read my last blog, you may remember that the week before last, we took little Charlie and Winston for their blood tests (it turns out […]