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Tag: cats

Meow? Nyan!

How did I miss this one? Charlie and Winston would be livid! Yesterday, February 22nd, was ‘National Cat Day’ here in Japan. This is one holiday (not officially recognised!) that […]

Sunday morning. What to do?

My Sundays have changed much of late. As I attempt and moderately succeed to drink less, my mornings in general have become much fresher (and longer) than they were previously […]

Bye-Bye Balls: Part Two

For those of you who read my last blog, you may remember that the week before last, we took little Charlie and Winston for their blood tests (it turns out […]

Bye-Bye Balls: Part One

I’ve lived in Nagoya now for approximately five years, but today I realized that there are many parts of Nagoya that I have yet to explore. I’ve probably spent most […]