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Tag: japan

Always Believe in Gold! …en Week

Thank you for coming. It’s only two years ago that I experienced my last ‘normal’ Golden Week (GW), and it looks like this year is no exception due to various […]

Cycling Me Up The Wall!

Cycling is easily my favourite mode of transport. It’s clean, it’s healthy, it’s convenient and it’s also free! Well, apart from the actual purchase of the bike itself and maintenance […]

Meow? Nyan!

How did I miss this one? Charlie and Winston would be livid! Yesterday, February 22nd, was ‘National Cat Day’ here in Japan. This is one holiday (not officially recognised!) that […]

Running Circles Around Spring

Spring is here! At least it was for a day or two, then it decided to snow. I think spring may have got a little bit lost, but it’s definitely […]